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Path to Citizenship

The EB-5 visa program provides a clearly defined process for foreign investors to gain permanent resident status (Green Card) in the U.S., and eventually citizenship. Permanent residence and eventually citizenship are also granted to the investor’s spouse and all children younger than 21.

  1. Submit Form I-526 (Petition for Alien Entrepreneur)
    • Application must include evidence that the applicant has invested in a project that will meet the job-creation requirements of the EB-5 visa program
  2. Apply for Conditional Permanent Resident status (conditional Green Card)
    • There are two options for applying for conditional resident status:
      • For foreigners already in the U.S., submit Form I-485 (adjustment of status) through U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services 
      • For foreigners not currently in the U.S., submit Form DS-230 with the U.S. Department of State 
      • This information will be provided to Bridge Investment Partners with the explicit consent of the applicant
    • Upon approval of Form I-485 or the immigrant visa application through the EB-5 program, the investor and his or her immediate family are allowed to live anywhere in the U.S. for two years
  3. Apply for Lawful Permanent Resident status (permanent Green Card)
    • At the end of the two-year conditional period, the applicant files Form I-829 to have the Conditional Permanent Resident status changed to Lawful Permanent Resident status
    • Application must include evidence that the investment has met the job-creation requirements of the EB-5 program; Bridge will initiate and prepare the application at the earliest qualifying date.
    • As a Green Card holder, the investor and his or her immediate family will be allowed to live permanently in the U.S. (See additional Green Card benefits)
  4. Apply for citizenship
    • After living in the U.S. for five years, a Green Card holder may apply for U.S. citizenship

Benefits of a Green Card

Green Card holders are allowed to live, work, and retire permanently anywhere in the U.S. Other benefits of a Green Card, include:

  • Eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship five years after receiving the conditional Green Card
  • Travel to and work in other countries as long as a residence is maintained in the U.S.
  • Sponsor relatives for Green Cards applications
  • Ability to apply for federal financial aid for education and pay reduced “in-state” tuition at public universities
  • No need to get additional permission from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to work or start a company