EB-5 Visa Program

Learn why the EB-5 investment visa is a compelling option for aspiring U.S. immigrants.


Bridge Investment Partners provides a range of investments that meet the job-creation requirements of the U.S. EB-5 visa program. We work closely with each investor and their immigration attorneys to ensure the timing of the investment is well-coordinated with the other steps of the visa application process.

Our commitment to conservative, transparent management allows investors to be confident in knowing that their money is invested in thoroughly researched projects that will meet the requirements of the EB-5 visa program. Through an extensive due-diligence process and proven economic analysis, we manage investments that meet EB-5 visa applicants’ need for:

  • Significant and verified job creation
  • Capital preservation
  • Attractive rates of return
  • Secure income streams
  • Opportunity to liquidate the investment after five years, or earlier if acceptable investment conditions exist

Drawing on a combined 40 years of experience in investment banking and commercial real estate, Bridge Investment Partners’ founders personally research each project in the company’s portfolio. By identifying repeatable investment opportunities across a targeted and well-defined range of industries, we create a pipeline of investment opportunities to meet each investor’s specific timeline and risk/return objectives.