EB-5 Capital Funding

Contact us if your company is interested in raising capital through the EB-5 investment process.

Investment Characteristics

Bridge Investment Partners identifies a variety of development opportunities in commercial real estate and operating companies with strong growth potential. Through extensive industry contacts and a thorough due-diligence process, we identify attractive investment projects in Targeted Employment Areas that qualify for the lower $500,000 minimum investment under the EB-5 program.

By maintaining a pipeline of repeatable projects across a range of industries (retail, healthcare, banking, and manufacturing), Bridge ensures that EB-5 visa applicants have access to pre-qualified investment opportunities that meet the applicant’s timeframe and risk profile. The terms of our investments are designed to meet the specific needs of EB-5 visa applicants:

  • Verified job creation of at least 12.5 jobs per qualified investor
  • Transaction structures intended to protect principal
  • Limited partnership structure
  • Attractive rates of return
  • Opportunities for steady streams of current income
  • Detailed quarterly reporting

Bridge Investment Partners quantifies and verifies the job-creation impact of each investment using proven economic analyses developed and administered by economists at leading U.S. universities. Our transparent and repeatable analysis is based on quantitative modeling designed around the nuances of the geographic regions included in our portfolio.

Bridge provides detailed information about specific investment opportunities upon completion and approval of the applicant’s statement of qualification and confidentiality agreement.